3 New Things to Know About Vision Care

It’s amazing how much can be told of our overall health through the condition of our eyes and oral health. Focusing on our vision health for a moment I can truly testify, having been dealing with vision issues, that the problem I was having was due to my blood sugar levels. I know every situation may be different for everyone. Our eyes tend to deteriorate as we age and we may just need to get a new eye prescription.

Most retirees lose their vision and dental coverage when they leave their employer. Dental and vision costs, like all other healthcare costs, have continually risen. This type of coverage is easily overlooked by many retirees and it isn’t until we need it that we start to think about getting coverage.

I try to cover all the bases as far as overall coverage for every area of health. Call for a quote or consultation, with no obligation. I’m just happy to be able to help someone and make life a little worry free.

Dave Obregon, 888-355-1599

During my nearly two decades in vision care, I have seen the industry evolve with technological advances and in the quality and breadth of care it delivers.

Vision care is increasingly viewed as critical to maintaining a person’s overall health, and there are a few trends I foresee supporting this shift that will continue to influence vision benefits, like those offered through Anthem’s affiliated plans, to meet consumer needs.(click here)


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