3 retirement catch-up strategies

Retirement, one of the luxuries of life most hard working Americans hope to achieve in their later years. As the time grows nearer, many begin to wonder, if their plan for retirement has not been affected by all those things that come up in life that may have caused a slight shifting of the numbers, from the time they first initiated their plan.

It’s never to late to recalculate ,or even if you haven’t started to save , to begin a retirement plan. There is still hope on the horizon if you seriously stick to a plan.

According to Fidelity, in order to have a decent shot at maintaining your standard of living in retirementOpens a New Window., you should have six to nine times your salaryOpens a New Window. tucked away in a 401(k)Opens a New Window. or other accounts by your mid-50s to early 60s. To read more of this article click here

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