5 Facts that Show Why Consumers Love Telehealth

There are many people that have this benefit in their healthcare plan and don’t realize it. It’s always good to do a review of your current healthcare plan and utilize the benefits you never thought you had.

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Telehealth is a “game-changer” in health care: It has the potential to make it easier and more convenient for people to access quality care; mitigate provider shortages, especially in rural areas; and save money through less expensive virtual visits.

The promise of virtual care is quickly becoming reality. The following five facts explain why:

1. Telehealth is widely available and popular

One of the key benefits of telehealth is that it can dramatically expand convenient access to care for patients.  To what extent do people have access to telehealth? Turns out, it’s a lot.

Nearly 60 percent of  large U.S. employers provide coverage for telehealth, and access is growing exponentially. Over the last several years the Department of Veterans Affairs, TRICARE, Medicaid, and commercial health insurance providers have increasingly made telehealth services available.

All 50 state Medicaid programs have some type of coverage for telehealth.  While Medicare only reimburses for telehealth services under very strict conditions, there is more flexibility in Medicare Advantage. Pressure has been building to improve Medicare reimbursement for telehealth. For example, the February 2018 budget bill will expand telehealth for Medicare Advantage plans and ease Meaningful Use requirements moving forward. (click here)


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