8 opportunities for digital health to support aging in place

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8 opportunities for digital health to support aging in place | #CornerInsure #DigitalHealth #Healthcare #Aging | New Medicare Advantage plan benefits and increased tech adoption during the COVID-19 pandemic will help support older adults aging in place, but there’s still a range of opportunities where digital health can help improve healthcare for older adults.

In a Sept. 8 report, Rock Health examines barriers and opportunities in digital health to seniors aging in place, or living in their own home safely and independently rather than moving to a care facility.

Older adults still see barriers with aging in place, such as the fear of not being able to afford living at home (29 percent), feeling like their homes aren’t suitable (24 percent), worried about feeling alone (19 percent), and not being close enough in proximity to friends and family (17 percent), according to the report.

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In need of dental work, Spirit Dental is where to be (image)
Senior citizens across the U.S. are seeking coverage to aid in reducing their dental expenditures. Teeth, like bones, can soften as time passes and grow significantly more susceptible to degeneration and breakage.


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