Financial Tips For Seniors

Seniors spend a good portion of their retirement on healthcare. I believe it’s important to save whenever possible and wherever possible. It’s never to late to start on the road to good financial health. Here are a few tips on helping us try to stay ahead of the game.  — Dave Obregon

Money saving tips for seniors 

Take the senior discount:
Grocery stores, restaurants, home supply stores and many more offer discounts to older people. It’s free; take advantage of it.

Do a Summer cooling checkup:
Have the air conditioner inspected, clean and/or replace filters, make sure windows and doors are properly sealed and have the air ducts checked for leaks. (Doing this last thing alone could save big money.)

Keep your blinds and curtains drawn:
Blocking the sunlight can result in up to 45% reduction of heat coming into your home. Even better, buy curtains with a white deflecting backing (click here)

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