Hearing Loss Increases Dementia Risk Dramatically

Hearing loss is something we may begin to experience as we age. Statistics show one in three people over the age of 65 have developed hearing loss. I’m 66 and have not really developed to much hearing loss, but I definitely have friends that already have a hearing loss issue.

My golf partner wears a hearing aid and still has issues hearing, because of the technical issues he has with his hearing aids. Those of you who have them can probably relate, in trying to find some that work and feel comfortable.

The following article opened my eyes to an underlying issue with having hearing loss.

Whether you have a Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage plan, look into the benefits and see what type of coverage you have for hearing. Some of my clients have even made decisions on their healthcare plan strictly because of the hearing benefits.

— Dave Obregon | 888-355-1599

As we age, many of us find it a bit more difficult to hear.  We may turn our televisions up, set the radio in our car a little louder and smile politely when someone says something which we cannot quite hear.  Unfortunately, ignoring our hearing loss can dramatically increase the likelihood that we will develop dementia.

Causes of Hearing Loss

There are a number of reasons why your hearing may decline as you age.  It could be hereditary.  You may have spent years in an occupation where you were exposed to loud noise.  It is possible you damaged your hearing by occasionally attending loud concerts or clubs where the music was quite loud. (click here)

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