Medicare Costs Got You Down? You May Qualify for Financial Help

With the rising cost of healthcare many seniors find themselves trimming their budget again and again, to try to keep pace with inflation and healthcare costs. I’ve talked to numerous people who never realized there was financial help for them through some government or state program.

Most of the programs are income based, but it never hurts to check to see if you qualify. Most hospitals and healthcare facilities have payment programs and will work with you to set up a payment program, if you don’t qualify for any assistance.

One of benefits all healthcare policies have today are Maximum Out Of Pocket limits. Check your policy and see what those limits are. If you can’t contact your agent or carrier call Cornerstone and I would be happy to assist.

–Dave Obregon | 888-355-1599

Do you have trouble paying your monthly Medicare premiums or other Medicare costs? If you have limited income and assets, you may qualify for help with medical costs for care you receive under Medicare. Your income includes money you get from retirement benefits or other money that you report for tax purposes. The income eligibility levels vary by state and program. (click here)

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