No Luck Finding the Right Nursing Home? Maybe Yelp Can Help

Nobody ever wants to go to a nursing home. For the most part most of us think of a nursing home as a place we go to when we’re unable to care for ourselves. I’ve gone to visit friends and family, at a nursing home, when they were there on a temporary basis, either in rehab from surgery or a temporary situation at home, or a minor injury may have required they need assistance for a short period of time.

Regardless of the reason, how do we decide which facility to go to? What criteria do we use? Is the information reliable? You may have to make that decision for a family member, or be part of the decision making process with your siblings. Whether it’s temporary or permanent, there are things to look for when making that decision.

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Can you really select a quality nursing home by reading Yelp reviews?

There’s a nursing home the next town over from me, for instance. Nine reviewers have given the place both laudatory five-star ratings (“She has a far greater quality of life than she would have living at home”) and outraged one-star complaints (“The nursing staff, RN’s and CNA’s are caring but overworked”).

Overall, the place gets three stars. It’s a highly flawed measurement, of course. Nine reviewers for a 300-plus-bed facility? Over four years, in an industry known for such sky-high turnover that many of the hands-on staff have undoubtedly left since the first online critic weighed in? Reviewers can deplore the food, but can they know how often residents fall? (click here)


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