Retirement Blues ?

Dave Obregon
Cornerstone Insurance

I believe, like most Americans we couldn’t wait till we walked out of that factory or office door for the last time. I think most of us said to ourselves during our working days, ” I can’t wait till I retire.” I believe I was on cloud nine for a couple of years just enjoying not having to be anywhere or to be under some sort of time frame where I needed to have something done.

Retirement is a new phase in your life, as opposed to where it was a destination, it has now become a journey. For some, watching tv, doing odd jobs at home , even golfing and other activities that were more enjoyable when we worked, seem to get boring and not as much fun as it used to be. Depression and boredom can easily set in to any retiree. It may be a good idea to re-evaluate the beginning of your new journey and create some new goals and ask ourselves some important questions.

Do I have to make any financial changes? Are my financial goals still the same? Do I need to get a part time job? How about our health? Are there some changes in my lifestyle that I need to make to improve my health? Maybe join a health club or a Silver Sneakers group.

One thing in life that remains constant is that there will always be change. We go from having a houseful of kids to becoming empty nesters, and then, maybe one of the kids moves back, but this time with his own kids. I say this because I have friends that experienced that very scenario. Don’t think they didn’t have to sit back and re-evaluate their retirement situation again.

The point being, lets stay active and make the most of our retirement. Things have really changed for the retiree of today as opposed to a retiree from say 20 years ago. Todays retiree is much more active and has a longer life span. As an insurance agent I try to catch people home and in this day and age it’s hard to find seniors at home. They are either working, traveling, or volunteering somewhere.

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