Retirement concerns: Health care costs, Social Security

Retirement is what the majority of Americans work for their entire lives to achieve. Two of the biggest obstacles we must face and overcome if we are to retire comfortably are healthcare costs and Social Security. Personally it’s very gratifying when I’m able to help someone make the right choice on their healthcare plan.

Cornerstone has been helping seniors, not only during retirement but even in preparation for retirement. Whether it’s your healthcare plan, dental insurance, final expense insurance. We also do Long Term Care planning and have Annuity products to help with retirement income and tax planning. — Dave Obregon    888-355-1599,

Though many workers look forward to retirement and the opportunity to break free from the daily grind, it’s also a worrisome prospect, particularly from a financial perspective. But of all the various retirement concerns today’s older workers have, the two most pressing are future healthcare expenses and changes to Social Security that could reduce benefits, according to the Insured Retirement Institute.

If you’re worried about paying for medical care as a senior while losing some of the benefits you might one day come to rely on, you’re clearly not alone. But rather than succumb to those fears, you can learn how to mitigate them.(click here)



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